Ultimate Scream FIFA FUT 20 : Guide complet

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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team becomes FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream! This is the annual Halloween event hosted by EA Sports in FUT mode. At the same time, it is the first big event to be released in FUT 20. When will it drop into the game and what special Halloween offers you can expect, here is all the information about FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Event in an overview!

Ultimate Scream FIFA 20 : Guide complet

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Event – FUT Halloween Promotion

What is the Ultimate Scream Event?

For Halloween, a Scream Team of 23 players will be released, which come in a creepy card design. These special cards can also be obtained through packs, but only for a limited time.

While the cards make it appear as if they have only minimal boosts, this is deceptive. For every full moon is « Scream-Time » and the 23 players receive massive rating increases. Everything you need to know about FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream can be found here.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Release Date

When Does FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Start and End?

Release date of the FIFA 20 Halloween event has not been announced officially. But in our previous FIFA 20 Event Calendar we predicted on October 19 – The screaming team would be released: The Halloween celebrations are expected to begin this year on Friday, October 19, and end on Tuesday, November 1.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Offers & Promos

What FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Offers We Can Expect?

Fifa 19 Ultimate Scream Team – FUT 20 Scream Players –  Halloween Cards

During Ultimate Scream there will be special scream cards in FUT 20. These have a black-orange design. While waiting to discover the first Halloween players, this is what could be these cards this year (unofficial design).

Ultimate Scream FIFA 20 : Guide complet

The Scream Team consists of 23 players. It’s a selection of players that have shown strong performances in the field in recent times and are now rewarded with upgraded special cards.

These Scream Player Cards will be available in packs through October 29, replacing the standard players’ cards. If you want a Halloween card, you have to pull it out of the pack or buy it on the transfer market with FIFA 20 Coins.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Team Predictions (Boosted)

Ultimate Scream FIFA 20 : Guide complet

The Halloween cards have little boosts on player values compared to the standard cards. However, there are exceptions: Between 29th October and the 1st November (to be confirmed), these Scream players cards become « monsters » – that is, they are upgraded extremely strong. After the  1st November return to normal Halloween cards with low boosts. During the season to « Scary Times », they should now and again be extremely upgraded.

Here is a prediction of temporary boost dates for the Ultimate Scream cards:

October 29, 2018 to November 1, 2018

November 23 to 25, 2018

December 22 to 24, 2018

January 21 to 23, 2019

February 19 to 21, 2019

May 18 to 20, 2019

June 17 to 19, 2019

July 16 to 18, 2019

August 15 to 17, 2019


FIFA 20 Halloween Event – With Special Ultimate Scream Promo Packs, SBCs, Themed Kits, Free Gifts, Offers

During Ultimate Scream, EA Sports will be offering several pack deals online, themed Ultimate Scream SBCs, and offering special items such as Halloween kits. Free Gifts via the web app are also conceivable.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Pack Offers

Promo Packs will be live at the start of the event. You’ll see a variety of FIFA 20 pack offers in the store throughout the FIFA 20 Halloween Promotion! In Fifa 19, a Premium Electrum player pack for 12,500 coins and a Premium Gold Player pack for 25,000 coins were offered for 4 or 2 days.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream SBC

Themed Squad Building Challenges will be released during the FIFA 20 Halloween promotion, featuring unique themed rewards including an Ultimate Scream themed kit and several position change versions of select Ultimate Scream players.

FUT 20 Ultimate Scream Themed Kit

Themed Kit will be available at the event. Below Ultimate Scream themed kit was delivered to you for completing the customized Halloween SBC.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Daily Gifts

Make sure you log-in the Web and Companion Apps everyday to receive daily rewards for the duration of the Halloween event.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Market and Investment Tips

How Does FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Affect The Transfer Market?

Forecasts on the FUT 20 transfer market should always be treated with caution as the market is volatile and depends on several factors.

It is expected that many packs will be opened during the Halloween event as the fans want the scream cards. This means that more cards land on the transfer market than usual. As a result, the prices of individual FUT cards will decline. During the event you should therefore keep your eyes open for bargains.

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